Caroline Greville-Morris

Production Designer

Caroline got into art directing in the fertile and ground breaking world of music videos in the late 80s. With an academic design background, the hands-on way of working that she learned on a highly diverse collection of music clips and commercials has stood her in good stead ever since. Her technical skills teamed with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Art and Design history have created a collection of striking looking films and commercials, from the out-and-out grunge in the war fantasy Mutant Chronicles, to the elegant contemporary style of Jonathan Lynn’s Wild Target. She now intersperses her work in commercials with TV drama. Based in Somerset, she’ll go where the work takes her.

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FEATURED MEDIA: ‘The Boy with the Topknot’ TRAILER

Selected credits

dateproductiondirector / production company
2019THE CUREBruce Goodison / Story Films for Channel 4
2018DOING MONEYLynsey Miller / Renegade Pictures for BBC2
2017THE BOY WITH THE TOPKNOTLynsey Miller / Kudos Film & TV for BBC2
2014BREAKING THE BANKVadim Jean / Wysiwig Films
2013TIME OF OUR LIVESJohn Stanley / Time Of Our Lives plc
2010WILD TARGETJonathan Lynn / Magic Light
2009BOOGIE WOOGIEDuncan Ward / Autonomous Films
2007MUTANT CHRONICLESSimon Hunter / Edward R Pressman
2004SPIRIT TRAPDavid Smith / Archangel Films
2002DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDEMaurice Phillips / Working Title TV, Clerkenwell Films
1999LADY AUDLEY'S SECRETBetsan Morris Evans / Warner Sisters
1998VIGOJulien Temple / Impact Films-FilmFour
1995INTIMATE RELATIONSPhilip Goodhew / Paragon
2010CUISINEART 'All In One'Keith Goddard / Glover Films
2009BABYLISSRichard Crombie / Glover Films
2009MATALANRichard Crombie / Glover Films
2008FINDUS Jean-Christophe NovelliRichard Crombie / Glover Films
2007GLADE PLUG-INRichard Crombie / Glover Films
2007OUSTRichard Crombie / Glover Films
2006BMIMarek Losey / Glover Films
2005SAINSBURYSDavid Loftus / 2am Films
2005HEAD AND SHOULDERSRichard Crombie / Glover Films
2005SHOENER AQUASHAVERichard Crombie / Glover Films
2004MFIPhillip Dupee / Love
2004NORTELJohan Brisseinger / Park Village
2004SAINSBURY'SNiall Downing / 2am Films
2004ORANGEBen Dawkins / Love
2004AOLMehdi Norowzian / Joy@RSA Films
2004CENTRAAL BEHEERNicholas Barker / Rogue Films
2003OLAYRichard Crombie / Glover Films
2003VLADIVAR 'Har Mar Superstar'Reuben Fleisher / Stink
2003DYSON 'Doesn't Fade'Nicholas Barker / Rogue
2003DAILY PLAY 'Nothing'Nicholas Barker / Rogue
2003UTTERLY BUTTERLY three scriptsNicholas Barker / Rogue
2003PIZZA HUT 'Delivery'Nicholas Barker / Rogue
2003SAINSBURYS 'Big Day'John Birkin / Blink
2003HEAD AND SHOULDERS 'Refresh'Katie Bell / Rose Hackney Barber
2002SPECSAVERS 'Mending and Found'Nick Jones / Rogue Films