Celia Haining


Celia started assisting in the cutting rooms of award-winning films like ‘The Full Monty’, ‘Twelve Monkeys’ and ‘Road To Perdition’. Shane Meadows’ ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ was her break as a feature film editor. Since then, she’s cut a dozen features, including Charlie Stratton’s film ‘In Secret’ starring Oscar Isaac. She’s also edited television dramas like the groundbreaking ‘Misfits’ for Channel Four, ‘Hit And Miss’ for Sky Atlantic, ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘Redwater’ for the BBC, and a forthcoming episode on season two of Netflix’ ‘The Crown’. Celia is based in London and has both UK and US passports.

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Selected credits

dateproductiondirector / producer / production company
2018THE SPLITJess Hobbs / Lucy Dyke / Sister Pictures for BBC1
2017THE END OF THE F***ING WORLDJon Entwistle, Lucy Tcherniak / Kate Ogborn / Clerkenwell Films for E4
2016THE CROWN Series 2Philip Martin / Michael Casey, Andy Stebbing / Left Bank Pictures for Netflix
2016REDWATERJesper Nielsen / Vicky Wharton / Element Pictures, BBC
2016PEAKY BLINDERS Series 3Tim Mielants / Simon Maloney / Tiger Aspect
2015THE FIVEMark Tonderai / Karen Lewis / Red Production Co
2014THE PASSING BELLSBrendan Maher / Nick Pitt / Red Planet Pictures
2014NIGHTSHIFTBruce Goodison / Claire Russell / World Productions,
2013MISFITS series 5 episode 8Wayne Yip / Nick Pitt / Clerkenwell Films, Channel 4
2012DOORS OPEN (as Additional Editor)Marc Evans / Sprout Pictures-ITV
2012HIT AND MISS episodes 1-3Hettie Macdonald / Red Productions-Sky Atlantic
2012SECONDS FROM DISASTER: EVERESTGareth Johnson / Darlow Smithson
2011RANDOM (as Additional Editor)Debbie Tucker-Green / Hillbilly Films
HIKE INTO HELL series 4Stephen Kemp / Darlow Smithson
FAMILY DESERT HELL series 4Katinka Newman / Darlow Smithson
CHASM OF DEATH series 5Neil Rawles / Darlow Smithson
2010MISFITS series 2 episode 3Tom Green / Clerkenwell Films
2006DREAM TEAMvarious / Hewland-Sky
2004WISDOM FIREChristopher Sheppard / Adventure Pictures
2003-5DREAM TEAMvarious / Hewland-Sky
feature films:
2014DESERT DANCERRichard Raymond / CrossDay Productions
2014IN SECRET (aka THERESE)Charlie Stratton / LD Pictures
2010ZEPPEDJohn Dyer / Clear Champion
2010TWO GRAVESYvonne McDevitt / Zanzibar Films
2010PROWLPatrik Syversen / Midsummer Films
2009DREADAntony Di Blasi / Matador Pictures
2008SPLINTEREDSimeon Halligan / Not A Number-Splintered Films
2008WMDDavid Holroyd / Creative Commercial Films
2008SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (as Assembly Editor)Danny Boyle / Celador Films
2008THE DISAPPEAREDJohnny Kevorkian / Lost Tribe Productions
2007CREDO aka THE DEVIL'S CURSE (as Consultant Editor)Toni Harman / Alto Films
2007THE DEATHS OF IAN STONEDario Piana / Stan Winston Productions
2006FREEBIRDJon Ivay / Freedom Pictures
2004SEED OF CHUCKY (as Additional Editor)Don Mancini / David Kirschner Productions
2004DEAD MAN'S SHOESShane Meadows / Warp Films