‘Crowhurst’ Review

‘Crowhurst’: Review



Simon Rumley unnervingly details the mental collapse of yachtsman Donald Crowhurst in the first of two current films on the subject. The news item, which capped a 1960s craze for yachting feats, has proved attractive material for many writers and filmmakers – it even partially inspired the Mars landing hoax element of Capricorn One. Simon Rumley’s stripped-down, intensely focused Crowhurst arrives almost simultaneously with James Marsh’s The Mercy, a bigger-budgeted, starrily cast version of the same story. Throughout Crowhurst, the protagonist frets about his underdog status even as more qualified, better-resourced sailors fall out of the race, and there’s a sense this little movie gets some of its bite from the fear that it’s about to be overtaken or capsized by the wash of a more lavishly-funded vessel.

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