Film Bridge International pickup rights to ‘Waiting For You’

Film Bridge International pickup worldwide rights to ‘Waiting For You’

Production designer is BEN SMITH

Film Bridge is launching sales on the project here in Cannes.

The story revolves around Paul (Morgan) whose father lies dying, delirious and in pain, hinting at something he lost, something taken from him by his former commanding officer in the British Army. After he passes away, the angry and grieving Paul heads to the South of France where he meets the mysterious Madeleine (Ardant) and unearths an extraordinary secret that has lain hidden for several decades.

“Waiting For You is a warm and poignant exploration of secrets and family, coupled with masterful storytelling to deliver a thoroughly entertaining experience,” said Film Bridge International’s Ellen Wander. “We are eager to present this project to our buyers at the Cannes market. This is an extraordinary film from exceptional filmmakers.”


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