Industry Season 2 Is Going For Broke

Production Designer is Dominic Roberts

The BBC show, pitched somewhere between American Psycho and Uncut Gems, is back and looking better than ever

How do you top “getting coke blown up your arse at the work Christmas party”? That's the big dilemma facing Industry co-creators Konrad Kay and Mickey Down as we head into season two.

The first season of the show, a drama series from the BBC and HBO which followed four young bankers as they snorted their way to permanent jobs at fictional investment bank Pierpoint & Co, was strong out of the gate. We had a death early doors, copious amounts of drugs and shagging, and a friendship breakdown or two. Hell, Harry Lawtey's Robert getting coke blown up his arse wasn't even the wildest thing that happened at the Christmas Party (the public self-harming incident has to take that cake). And yet, the pace with which the show ramped up the stakes from episode to episode tells us that it'll probably be even better this time around.

The first trailer for season two has given us plenty of faith that it will. It's only a 40-second teaser, but it's got glimpses of trading floor chaos, more Harper x Eric drama and yes, that now-iconic synthy score. Check it out below.