Interview with makeup and hair designer JACQUELINE FOWLER…

Interview with makeup and hair designer JACQUELINE FOWLER about her work on 'Les Miserables'


It’s always difficult to take on a new incarnation of a familiar story, but for Jacqueline Fowler, make-up/hair designer on the BBC’s new six-part adaptation of Les Misérables, the challenges were even more daunting. Not only was the 2012 feature film a box office success, it also earned a coveted Academy Award for make-up.

“That work was absolutely stunning,” Fowler agrees, “and since it got an Oscar for make-up, there was quite a lot of pressure. I have total respect for it, but from my perspective, I could only do what was in our script written by Andrew Davies, which of course was based on the renowned book by Victor Hugo. We had a great group of actors, and a good marriage between my department, production designer Richard Bullock and Marianne Agertoft, the costume designer. I’d also worked with Andrew and producer Bethan Jones, the producer onWar and Peace, so they obviously liked what I had done before.”....

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