Katie King

Hair & Makeup Designer

Katie now has ten feature film credits as Hair and Makeup Designer under her belt. She trained at Delamar Academy and has risen to the challenge of working on contemporary productions in a wide range of genres including action, thrillers, drama and comedy. She’s great at managing her team and forming strong working relationships with talent and Production equally. Katie is based in London but enjoys working worldwide.

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Selected credits

dateproductiondirector / production company
as Hair and Makeup Designer
feature films:
2019LOVE SARAHEliza Schroeder / Miraj Films
2019KNUCKLEDUSTJames Kermack / Featuristic Films
2019ASHENS AND THE POLYBIUS HEISTRiyad Barmania / Relentless Films
2019MISTER MAYFAIRPhilippe Martinez / Goldfinch
2019MISTER MAYFAIR - A SONG TO KILL FORPhilippe Martinez / Goldfinch
2019MISTER MAYFAIR - THE SYPCE OF LIFEPhilippe Martinez / Goldfinch
2019THE CREEPINGJamie Hooper / Cryptoscope Films
2018WIDOW'S WALKAlexandra Boyd / New Thirty Pictures
2018I LOVE MY MUMAlberto Sciamma / Camelot Films
2017PROVENANCEBen Hecking / White Horse Films
short films:
2019TINY COW EwanTaylor / CheekyGrin
2018THE PLUNGESimon Ryninks / SweetDoh! Productions
2018THE MOORJames Everett / One Big Mop
20153 MILLION DOLLAR MILKSHAKEKyle Bashford, Liam Bashford / Bashford Twins Co.
2013ANAMNESISBen Goodger
2013DEKAOSOlly Ginelli
as Hair and Makeup Artist
feature films:
2018PERIPHERALPaul Hyett / AMP International
2016GRIMSBY (dailies)Louis Leterrier / Big Talk Productions
2015CREDITORSBen Cura / Tough Dance
2013ASHENS AND THE QUEST FOR THERiyad Barmania / ChannelFlip
2019DEEP WATERJim Loach, Harry Wootliff / Kudos Film and Television
2019MARCELLA (Series 1)Charles Martin / Buccaneer Media
2016DOWNTON ABBEY (Series 6)Minkie Spiro / Carnival Film & Television
short films:
2018MATCHBOXHarry Jackson