Benjamin Robin

Make-up and Hair Designer

Ben Robin knew in school that a trade was in his future. With the help of a mentor (whom he observed dressed nicely and met all the fashionable women in his English hometown,) Robin undertook a five-year apprenticeship and mastered hair styling. He immigrated to Canada at 17 and soon grew bored with salon work. A chance to work on a film ignited a passion that has grown ever since. Ben observed make up artists and soon was suggesting make up and hair design ideas to producers and directors who quickly grew to appreciate his talent. Since fully migrating to the make up side of the trailer, Ben has been awarded Emmy nominations for both his make up and hair work. He’s been head of department (either make up, hair or designer) on over 60 projects and been attached to some of the biggest names as a personal hair and make up designer. Ben Robin is smart, stylish, fast and friendly, a double win for any project. Based in Los Angeles, he holds US, Canadian and EU passports.

- Nominated for 2 Primetime Emmy Awards. -

Criminal Minds Beyond Borders

Makeup Department Head