Ian Kerr, CSC

Director of Photography

IATSE Local #699 

Multi-award winning cinematographer Ian Kerr, raised in British Columbia, began his career as a teen at a local TV station. After attending college, he worked as a news cameraman in Vancouver before transitioning to documentary and commercial projects worldwide. Ian’s love of light and its ability to influence both story and audience has driven him to seek out projects that benefit from an artistic eye and unique visual approach. Kerr’s assignments range from the meticulously executed commercials, to the dynamic sixteen camera reality projects, and month-long polar and mountaineering expeditions. He is known for applying non-traditional methods and tools to documentary projects while bringing a rhythm and immediacy to his commercial projects. His unique background and familiarity with all formats allow him to offer Producers and Directors a variety of solutions to storytelling and budgetary challenges. Based in Vancouver, he’s available for work worldwide.