Directors Guild of America

Lyon is one of those rare AD’s whose experience is distributed evenly over the different media disciplines. His credits include feature work for Columbia/TriStar and RKO Pictures, commercials for Oil Factory and Stun Creative, and music videos for A Band Apart, DNA, FM Rocks and The Director’s Bureau. Lyon believes in creating a strong structural center for a production to base from, consistently making it a priority to keep heads of department informed, while still providing the Director and DP flexibility needed to make strong aesthetic choices. This system has been especially successful when working with younger, or newer, directors- transitioning into larger budgets and more heavily staffed departments. Reese is an expert with the scenechronize production software. Lyon is feature bonded through Film Finances, holds a current US passport, and is a sucker for locations where he can surf, SCUBA or rock climb after the job wraps.