Mark Eberle

Director of Photography

With a degree in Aeronautics, Mark Eberle’s path to being a Cinematographer began as an assistant and flight instructor on Black Sheep Squadron. Impressed, lead actor Robert Conrad hired Eberle to work for his production company. After five years, a desire to shoot rather than manage productions led Mark back to the camera and he worked his way up from loader to DP. His experience includes over 200 commercials and promos, 7 features and countless music videos featuring his specialties of beauty, life style, action and visual effects. When not shooting commercials, TV and features Mark, with 20,000+ hours of flight time, commands Boeing 777 jets for American Airlines. Eberle is also a licensed drone operator. Based in Dallas and having shot on every continent except Antarctica, Mark is available for work worldwide.

Days Of Days

Director of Photography

"In my 25+ years I have never worked with a more competent cinematographer; one who is so capable, creatively flexible and mission-focused. He not only knows his delicate craft, but also the intimate details of what it takes to produce spots, content, music and feature-length narrative. He gets the “business” of the business, which makes him the invaluable best friend of both Directors and Producers!"

Steven J Levy - Producer