Michelle A. Green

Costume Designer

Costume Designers Guild, Local #892

Michelle first discovered her love for Costumes at a young age, running across the classic holiday film White Christmas. When she saw the designs of Edith Head, that was all it took, she would forever have the love of fashion, design and costumes in her heart. As a designer her passion and beliefs in costumes capacity to transform and create character is the driving force behind every project and designs. Costumes have the ability to spotlight the hero before he speaks or the villain before he hits. They tell a story before the narrator begins by illustrating the period, culture, place and season. Her top asset for design is her hands on approach to every project.  She fine tunes every look and style giving it a little extra kick!  She takes her time in selecting the right fabric, shape and color, for each actor, no piece is too small or detail to tiny that she will not command attention for. She has an uncanny ability to find the must have “Hero” item or to create the far fetch design. She prides herself on not just hearing the words “I like this” but pushes to exceed for the status of “I love this.” She is one of those future great designers that have the ability to flow through any media from Film and Television to commercial and print. She runs her department with great efficiency, professionalism and passion allowing for the best work to shine through.