Philip Hurn

Director of Photography

Philip Hurn is a versatile, award-winning DP who has lensed scores of documentaries and feature films. Philip embraces the collaborative process starting with the director and extending to his crew. He has built a reputation as a DP who maximizes the resources on every project. He recognizes the imperative of serving the script, creating images that underscore the material’s themes and enhance the storytelling. Based in Los Angeles, Hurn holds a UK passport and is available for work worldwide.

“We were so fortunate to have Philip on our feature, 'Trade of Innocents', where he brought his incredible visual style to the really tough subject of human trafficking. He deftly crafted an amazing visual landscape and color palette - exposing evil hidden among beauty, darkness amongst light - and executed some really innovative techniques in the process. So much of the impact of TOI around the world had to do with Philip's excellent work."

Jim Schmidt - Producer - TRADE OF INNOCENTS