Ned Dowd

Line Producer

Active in the film industry for more than thirty years, Ned has been producer in one capacity or another, and previously an AD, on over fifty feature films. From ‘Apocalypto’ to’ Last of the Mohicans’, from ‘Wonderboys’ to ‘Shanghai Noon’, and from ‘GI Jane’ to ‘The 13th Warrior‘, Ned has worked with some of the best known directors of our generation.

A former professional ice hockey player, he got into films by being hired as Technical Adviser on the Paul Newman picture ‘Slap Shot’ (dir. George Roy Hill, US, 1977), and after some acting roles, progressed to the 1st AD position. Working through the 1980s and early 90s on films with directors like Danny De Vito, Norman Jewison, Robert Altman, David Mamet and James L Brooks gave Ned the grounding that in turn led to a 5-year stint as Head of Production at Caravan Pictures in Los Angeles.

Ned is now resident in the UK and has continued to executive- and line produce feature films. With bases in both London and Dublin, he is available for work worldwide.

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Selected credits

dateproductiondirector / producer
as Line Producer / Executive Producer
2018JESUS: HIS LIFEvarious directors / Simon Breen / Nutopia
feature films
2018CASANOVA (UK shoot) Benoit Jacquot / Lucinda van Rie
2015DON'T KNOCK TWICECaradog James / John Giwa-Amu
2014THE RIDERSHans Fabian Wullenweber / Susie Brooks-Smith
2013CROSSMAGLEN in prepKevin Connor / Arianna Eisenberg
2009ONDINENeil Jordan / Ben Browning, James Flynn
2008FIFTH STREET shortDavid Roddham / Roger Yuan, Dave Leahy, Marcus Lynch et al
2007SPEED DATINGTony Herbert / John Conroy
2006APOCALYPTOMel Gibson / Bruce Davey
2004KING ARTHURAntoine Fuqua / Jerry Bruckheimer
2003VERONICA GUERINJoel Schumacher / Jerry Buckheimer
2002REIGN OF FIRERob Bowman / Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum, Lili Fini Zanuk
2002THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTOKevin Reynolds / Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum et al
2000WONDER BOYSCurtis Hanson / Scott Rudin
1992THE LAST OF THE MOHICANSMichael Mann / Hunt Lowry
as Producer
2006GHOSTWOODJustin OÕBrien / Ned Dowd
2000SHANGHAI NOON (as co-producer)Tom Dey / Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum et al
1999THE 13TH WARRIORJohn McTiernarn / Ned Dowd
1993THE THREE MUSKETEERS (as co-producer)Stephen Herek / Roger Birnbaum, Joe Roth
1990STATE OF GRACEPhil Joanou / Ned Dowd
1989LET IT RIDE (as co-producer)Joe Pytka / David Giler
as Head of Production
1997ROCKET MANStuart Gillard / Roger Birnbaum, Eric L Gold
1997WASHINGTON SQUAREAgnieszka Holland / Julie Bergman Sender, Roger Birnbaum
1997G I JANERidley Scott / Roger Birnbaum, Demi Moore, Suzanne Todd
1997GONE FISHIN'Christopher Cain / Julie Bergman Sender, Roger Birnbaum
1997GROSSE POINT BLANKGeorge Armitage / Susan Arnold, Roger Birnbaum et al
1997METROThomas Carter / Roger Birnbaum
1996THE RICH MAN'S WIFEAmy Holden Jones / Julie Bergman Sender, Roger Birnbaum
1996FIRST KIDDavid M Evans / Roger Birnbaum, Riley Kathryn Ellis
1996CELTIC PRIDETom DeCercio / Roger Birnbaum
1996BEFORE AND AFTERBarbet Schroeder / Susan Hoffman
1995POWDERVictor Salva / Roger Birnbaum, Daniel Grodnik
1995THE BIG GREENHolly Goldberg Sloan / Roger Birnbaum
1995WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPINGJon Turtletaub / Roger Birnbaum, Joe Roth
1995TALL TALEJeremiah Chechik / Roger Birnbaum, Joe Roth
1995HEAVY WEIGHTSSteven Brill / Roger Birnbaum, Joe Roth
1995THE JERKY BOYSJames Melkonian / Roger Birnbaum, Joe Roth
1995HOUSEGUESTRandall Miller / Roger Birnbaum, Joe Roth
1994A LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAMEKeenen Ivory Wayens / Roger Birnbaum, Joe Roth
1994ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELDWilliam Dear / Roger Birnbaum, Joe Roth
1994ANGIEMartha Coolidge / Larry Brezner, Patrick McCormick
as First Assistant Director/Assistant Director
1994I'LL DO ANYTHINGJames L Brooks / Polly Platt
1992HOFFADanny de Vito / Edward R Pressman
1991OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEYNorman Jewison / Ric Kidney
1991THE TAKING OF BEVERLY HILLSSidney J Furie / Graham Henderson
1988THINGS CHANGEDavid Mamet / Michael Hausman
1988STARS AND BARSPat OÕConnor / Sandy Lieberson
1987HOUSE OF GAMESDavid Mamet / Michael Hausman
1987P K AND THE KIDLou Lombardo / Joe Roth
1986NO MERCYRichard Pearce / D Constantine Conte
1986DESERT BLOOMEugene Corr / Michael Hausman
1985FOOL FOR LOVERobert Altman / Yoram Globus
1985O C AND STIGGSRobert Altman / Peter Newman
1984THE INITIATIONLarry Stewart / Scott Winant
1984PLACES IN THE HEARTRobert Benton / Arlene Donovan
1983STREAMERSRobert Altman / Nick J Mileti
1981DEAD RINGERAllan F Nicholls / Peter Bray