Neil Marshall’s Gangster Movie ‘Duchess,’ Starring Charlotte Kirk, Debuts First-Look Images

Variety has been given exclusive access to the first-look images from Neil Marshall’s action crime thriller “Duchess,” starring British actor Charlotte Kirk, who was linked to the downfall of two Hollywood moguls. Principal photography is in its third week on the movie, which is shooting in Tenerife.

The film is co-written by Marshall and Kirk, the creative duo behind “The Lair,” which opens London’s horror and fantasy film festival Frightfest next month.

Marshall’s credits include “Game of Thrones,” for which he received an Emmy nomination, “The Descent,” for which he won best director at the British Independent Film Awards, and, most recently, 2019’s “Hellboy” and 2020’s “The Reckoning,” which also starred and was co-written by Kirk.