Rave reviews for ‘I Am Nicola’

Rave reviews for 'I Am Nicola'

Production Designer is ANNA SHELDRAKE

I Am Nicola (Channel 4) is a rare, beautifully realised piece about an underexamined, ugly phenomenon. The first of three female-led hour-long dramas written by Dominic Savage after collaborations with a trio of actors – Samantha Morton, Gemma Chan and, here, Vicky McClure – it was a subtle, onion-layered thing that peeled itself down to the truth over 60 tense, claustrophobic minutes. McClure plays Nicola, a hairdresser who initially seems to be chafing at the inevitable boredoms that creep into a long-term relationship. Her partner Adam (Perry Fitzpatrick) seems like a nice enough guy. As viewers, we lag only slightly behind Nicola in our reappraisal. If you have been there yourself, you will catch up slightly quicker. If you have watched a friend go through something similar, the sensation of watching her, trying to catch her attention, explain things to her as if through a thick pane of glass, will be rendered uncomfortably literal.

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