Sarah Love

Hair Designer

From contemporary films such as multi-award-winner ‘The Impossible’ (for which Naomi Watts received an Oscar nomination) and Paul Feig’s ‘Spy’ to period dramas like ‘King Arthur’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’, there’s very little that hair stylist Sarah Love isn’t au fait with. Great with talent, she also understands the need to be part of the team by working with makeup department, director, and Production, while at the same time delivering outstanding work. Sarah’s worked all over Europe, North America and the Far East, and is available for work worldwide.

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Selected credits

dateproductiondirector / production company
2019SHADOW AND BONEEric Heisserer / Shadow Films for Netflix
feature films:
2015VIRTUOSO TV Movie (Key Hair Stylist)Alan Ball / HBO
2015SPY (Hairdressing Department Head)Paul Feig / Twentieth Century Fox
2014STONEHEARST ASYLUM(Hair Designer for Kate Beckinsale)Brad Anderson / Icon Productions
2012THE IMPOSSIBLE (Hairdressing Department Head)J.A. Bayona / Summit Entertainment
2010GET HIM TO THE GREEK (Hairdressing Department Head UK)Nicholas Stoller / Universal Pictures
2010SHANGHAI (Hair Designer For Gong Li)Mikael HŒfstršm / Living Films
2007NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS (Hair Stylist UK)Jon Turteltaub / Walt Disney Pictures
2007MIGUEL AND WILLIAM (Hair Designer)InŽs Par’s / Future Films
2007SON OF RAMBOW (Hairdressing Department Head)Garth Jennings / Hammer & Tongs
2005IMAGINE ME & YOU (Additional Makeup Assistant)Ol Parker / BBC Films
2005PRIDE & PREJUDICE (Hair Stylist for Keira Knightley)Joe Wright / Focus Features
2004KING ARTHUR (Hair Stylist for Keira Knightley)Antoine Fuqua / Touchstone Pictures
2003LD 50 LETHAL DOSE (Hairdressing Department Head)Simon De Selva / Four Horsemen Films
2003PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Hair Stylist - Caribbean crew)Gore Verbinski / Walt Disney Pictures
2003OCTANE (Hairdressing Dept Head)Marcus Adams / Delux Productions
2003THUNDERPANTS (Hair Stylist)Peter Hewitt / CP Medien AG
2002STAR WARS: EPISODE II - Attack of the Clones (Key Hairstylist UK)George Lucas / Lucasfilm
2001THE MUMMY RETURNS (Hair Stylist)Stephen Sommers / Universal Pictures
2001BLOW DRY (Hair Stylist)Paddy Breathnach / Mirage Enterprises
1999FOREVER MINE (Hair Stylist for Joseph Fiennes & Ray Liotta)Paul Schrader / Forever Mine (UK) Limited
1999TOPSY-TURVY (Hair Stylist)Mike Leigh / Goldwyn Films
1999THE CLANDESTINE MARRIAGE (Hair Stylist)Christopher Miles / BBC
1998STAR WARS: EPISODE I - The Phantom Menace (Key Hairstylist)George Lucas / Lucasfilm
1999THE MUMMY (Hair Stylist)Stephen Sommers / Universal Pictures