Simon Rowling


Simon has packed in a wealth of experience in the first ten years of his career. He started in the specialised world of on-set special effects, and then moved into camera operating, a progression which has given him a broader expertise than many and an understanding of what ‘in-camera’ really means. He’s worked with a wide range of kit to get the required shot, from Steadicam and jibs to octocopters and even the odd horse. His experience now covers features, television drama, and major brand commercials.

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Selected credits

dateproductiondirector / production company
feature films
2017MEMENTO AMARELavinia Simina / Rebel without crew Films
2016VENGEANCERoss Boyask / Evolutionary Films
2015WINGS OF WONDER PilotSean Cronin / Magnificent Films
2014FOR THE LOVE OF ELLA PilotJames Farina / Salopian Films
2014TEAM PANACHE PilotSteve Lawson / Firehouse Productions
2015COGNITIONRavi Ajit Chopra / Cognition Films
2015WE ARE SOLIDERLee Asquith-Coe / Unique Approach Films
2015I AM HENRYJan Hendrik Verstraten / Flying Dutchman Films
Winner: Accolade Global Film Competition - Award Of Excellence For Cinematography
Winner: Best Cinematography at LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood
2015HAVENTim Porter
2015RIVERSCROSS VIDarren Rapier / Spanner in the Works
2015PREDATOR DARK AGESJames Bushe / Big Sis Productions
2015TWISTEDMark Weatherbe / E L A Motion Films
20149 MONTHSGareth Fient / Fient Productions
2013CYBERESSAshleigh Ashley
2013METAMORPHOSISAnda Teglas / Hi Fly Nest
commercials & virals:
2017BRAND ATTIC Bethan Seller / Foundry Film Studios
2017CHI CHI CLOTHING Lydia Esler / Foundry Film Studios
2017INK GLOBALParker Howard / Ink Global
2017SUPERDRYBarrett Veldsman / Superdry
2017BEAGLE INSURANCE Lydia Esler / Space City
2016SNICKERS Toby Stewart / Crocodile Films
2016RENAULT - TWINGO COLOUR RUNBarrett Veldsman / Trigger Buzz
2016SUDDEN ATTACK 2 James Nunn / Territory Studio's
2015SAMSUNGAlex Graham / Holler, Leo Burnett Group
2015GLEN FIDDICHJoshua Antoniades / Gravity Thinking
2015CIFMatt Carroll / Hanger Seven
2015DON JULIOJulian Hanton / Hanger Seven
2015DANNY BOYLE PRESENTS:Danny Boyle / Dramatic Need
2015TESCO's F&F CLOTHINGMatt Carroll / Hanger Seven
2015BREVILLE / WARBUTONSKarim Zouak / Media Ark, Hanger Seven
2015BREVILLEKarim Zouak / Media Ark, Hanger Seven
2014L&M CigarettesAlex Graham / Holler, Arc, Leo Burnett group
2014PLAYSTATIONJohnny Johnson / Speed Films
2014VIRGIN MEDIAMagnus Alanko / Given London
2014DOROTHY PERKINS & BURTONSJulia Kennedy / Dorothy Perkins & Burtons
2014MINI UKJohn Reese / Disqo
2014DOROTHY PERKINSJulia Kennedy / Dorothy Perkins
2013CLARKSChristopher Price / Portas
2013CHIVAS WHISKEY- SAVILE ROW TAILORSJacob Perlmutter / Kameleon
2013ADIDASChristopher Price / Hi Fly Nest
2013LYSOL (USA)Johnny Johnson / Speed Films
2013THE PRIDE (West End Play Trailer)Jamie Llyod / Ambassadors Theatre Group
2013INTEL & SCAN COMPUTERSAshleigh Ashley / Straight Alphas, Hi Fly Nest
2013LINLEYChristopher Price / Hi Fly Nest