Stephanie Zari

1st Assistant Director

California-born Stephanie has combined producing music promos/shorts and 1st AD’ing over the last fifteen years. She started out as an actress, and these combined skills give her an holistic approach to every project she takes on. Now with over a dozen credits as a First on tv drama and features, she enjoys running the floor and does so with calm authority. Stephanie lives in London and maintains dual UK-US citizenship.

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Selected credits

dateproductiondirector / producer/ production company
2018I AM A KILLER (Docudrama)various directors / Sky Vision for Netflix
2018PRINCE ALBERTPaul Olding / Elephant House Studios for Channel 5
2017ELIZABETH I (Docudrama)Chris Holt / Oxford Film & Television for Channel 5
2017ELIZABETH I'S SECRET AGENTS (Docudrama)Chris Durlacher, Julian Jones / 72 Films for BBC2
2016HENRY VIII AND HIS SIX WIVES (Docudrama)Chris Holt / Oxford Film & Television for Channel 5
2015WITCH HUNTERS (Documentary)Chris Holt / Dan Gold / Channel 5
2014RUSSELL HOWARD'S GOOD NEWSStephen Pipe / Avalon Television for BBC2
feature films:
2018DEUSSteve Stone / Thomas Mattinson / GSP Studios
2016LIGHT YEARSEsther May Campbell / Samm Haillay, Wendy Bevan Mogg / / Third Films
2015KILL YOUR FRIENDS (2nd Unit/Daily)Owen Harris / Gregor Cameron, Will Clarke / AI-Film
2014TRAVELLERBenjamin Johns / Isabella Battiston / Moving Pictures
2013MONTANAMo Ali / Mark Foligno / Moli Films
2013LAST PASSENGEROmid Noonish / Zack Winfield, Ado Yoshizaki Cassuto /
2013THE MAGIC HOURKarim Whalen / Lonely Rock Productions
2013SPARKS & EMBERSGavin Boyter / Ben Craig, Alan Latham / Green Screen
2012PLAYING THE MALDOVANS AT TENNISTony Hawks / Tony Hawks Productions
2011POWER OF THREEYvonne Deutschman / Ann Cameron, Thereza Snyman /
short films:
2014CHAMELEONBeau Fowler / Ki Films
2014BOXER ON THE WILDERNESSAlexandra Boyd / New Thirty Pictures
2012FAIRYTALEAndy Collier / Lose Cannon Films
2012MAGPIE MADE ME DO ITDuncan Roe / Seven Hill Pictures
2012LESS IS MOREDavid Kline / Eye for an Eye Media
2011SCENES OF AN ADULT NATUREDarwin Shaw, Samantha Whittaker / Kissing Air
2010DESERTERCalum McKinnon / Mackinnon Films
2010INTOLERABLEDaniel Gonzalez / Red Piranha Films
PATJamie Clark / My Accomplice
AMERICAN EAGLEJoshua Stoker / Exposure
LUX ÊRobin SchmidtÊ/ Hoot Commercials
CANON PrixmaMatthew Huntley / Coast House Productions
MICK HUCKNALL Americal SoulBeau Fowler / Ki Films
JOHN FRIEDA Volume ProductWill Whipple / Neil Kane / Run Productions
JOHN FRIEDA Sheer BlondeWill Whipple / Neil Kane / Run Productions
BOOHOO.COM Spring CollectionMark Harrison, Antoine Piazza / Mark Gibson / Hatch TV
FRESH START LIVINGMorgan Kennedy / Lucile Weigel / VNA
POT NOODLE Easy StreetMono Ghose / Arno Hazebroek / MSE
CHASE & STATUS FT. SLAVES 'Control' Henrik Hanson/ Amalia Rosen-Rawlings / Able & Baker
THE VILLAGERS 'Everything I Am Is Yours'Jamie Thraves / Amalia Rosen-Rawlings / HSI
MCBUSTED 'Get Over It'Chris Marrs Piliero / OB Media Partners
JESSIE WARE 'You and I (forever)'Adam Powell Ê/ HSI
UNION J 'You've Got It All'Frank Borin / Amalia Rosen-Rawlings / OB Management
ALEXA GODDARD 'So There'Carly Cussen / Amalia Rosen-Rawlings / Mos Films
KAREN HARDING 'Say Something'Carly Cussen / Amalia Rosen-Rawlings / Mos Films
TORI AMOS 'Trouble's Lament'Beau Fowler / Rob OÕConnor / Stylorouge
ROUGH COPY 'Sweet Love'Matthew Walker / Amalia Rosen-Rawlings / HSI
UNION J 'Loving you is easy'Carly Cussen / Amalia Rosen-Rawlings / Abel & Baker
SHANE FILAN 'About You'Jason Ell / Sue Hiller / HSI
LAWSON 'Juliet'Carly Cussen / Able & Baker
THE SATURDAYS 'Disco Love'Carly Cussen / Able & Baker
LAURA WELSH 'Undiscovered'Chris Sweeney / Good Egg Productions
FRIGHTENED RABBIT 'Holy'Handheldcineclub / Agile Films
GOLDFRAPP 'Annabel'Lisa Gunning / Cap Gun Collective
GOLDFRAPP 'Drew'Lisa Gunning / Cap Gun Collective
LITTLE MIX ft. Missy Elliott 'How Ya Doin'?'Carly Cussen / Amalia Rosen-Rawlings / Luti Media
K KOKE 'My Time'Matthew Walker / Amalia Rosen-Rawlings / HSI
TONY MORTIMER 'Shake It Down'Antoine Dixon-Bellot / Mastermind Entertainment
AGNETHA FALTSKOGSimon Fowler / Ki Films
'When You Really Loved Someone'
FRIGHTENED RABBIT 'Backyard Skulls'HandHeldCineClub / Atlantic Recrods
BENGA & KANO 'Old School K.A.'Matthew Walker / HSI
KAREN MOK 'While My GuitarSimon Fowler / Ki Films
GREGORY DARLING 'Invitation'Antoine Dixon-Bellot / Mastermind Entertainment
SWIM DEEP 'Honey'Daniel Brereton / Partizan/Emile Rafael
THE STAVES 'Tongue Behind my Teeth'HandHeldCineClub / Lockey Films
THE XX 'Chained'Young Replicant / Rachel Rumbold / Pulse Films
NICOLA BENEDETTITom King / Doug Pye / Gas & Electric
'Tango Por Una Cabeza'
MARINA & THE DIAMONDSCasper Balslev / Rachel Rumbold / Love
'Power & Control'
YADI 'Guillotine'Stella & Harriet / Run Productions
SKEPTA 'Make Peace Not War'Matthew Walker / Staple House
ZEBRA & SNAKE 'Money in Heaven'Lilah Vandenburgh / Will Teddy
GABRIEL BRUCE 'Dark Lights'Ferry Gouw / David Beazley / Run Productions
PROFESSOR GREENHenry Scholfield / Rachel Rumbold / Partizan
'Never Be the Right One'
JESSIE J 'Who's Laughing Now?'Emil Nava / Hannah Clark / Pulse Films
ED SHEERAN 'You Need Me'Emil Nava / Stacy Vaughn / Pulse Films
CCP 'A Modern Tale'Duncan Roe / Seven Hill Pictures