‘Such Brave Girls’ trailer & review.

Production Designer is Hannah Hill
Hair & Makeup Designer is Jessica Richardson

"There is a particular joy in seeing a woman-led, female-written sitcom that revels in plumbing the depths. It is scabrous, unflinching – and all the better for it

Kat Sadler has been gathering the material for Such Brave Girls for most of her life. It is a loosely autobiographical sitcom in which she stars as Josie, who has a long history of depression, suicidal thoughts and poor mental health. A few years ago, Sadler was sectioned after twice trying to kill herself. At the start of lockdown, she revealed this to her sister, Lizzie Davidson. Davidson told Sadler that she was secretly £20,000 in debt. When they started to laugh their heads off, Sadler realised she might be able to fashion this grist into art..."