Rosser Goodman

1st Assistant Director

Rosser is strategically organized and ultra detail oriented. She is a master scheduler and keeps the set moving. She brings humor to the job and is not a screamer. Rosser forms strong alliances with director, producers and all department heads. She keeps communication flowing and supports a balanced, creative environment. As an industry veteran with over 15 years of experience, Rosser is an extreme asset in prep through wrap. She relishes working on projects of all varieties and meeting any challenge.

We were able to complete 100+ pages of a thriller with prosthesis, stunts, multiple company moves, process trailer work and heavy amounts of background in 17 days with minimal overtime accrued with no pick up days needed. Rosser was always willing to go the extra mile... which she approached with a hustle over haste mentality to deliver on time and within budget.”

Kristopher Wynne - Line Producer, Touching Grace